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Mar 062013

Pushin Cushin Love Pillow

Take your love making to the next level with The Wedge. Inflatable air pillow. The various positions allow for deeper penetration and pleasure, while a durable inner cushion ensures that no matter how wild the night gets, your pleasure wont deflate. The soft velvet-flocked material creates a sensuous feel to caress your every move. Blow it up and let your imagination go wild. Add this to your furniture for sex collection!

Price: 66.17
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Dec 062012

Ff Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing

Turn an ordinary door in your home into a love swing in just minutes with this incredible Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing. Enjoy positions you never thought were possible and do it all with ease, thanks to the padded seat cradle, comfortable stirrups and perfectly-placed leverage handles. The deluxe swing requires no permanent installation or expensive tools and holds up to 300 lbs.Using two heavy-duty metal tubes to hang the swing from, the swings fits in your door jamb, between the frame and the door itself. The heavy-duty nylon support straps feature cross-stitching and are fully adjustable, allowing you to explore a variety of positions. Sit down on the padded seat, place your feet in the stirrups, and enjoy a wild ride!Best of all, you don`t need a strong ceiling or fancy tools to get this door swing swinging into action. It sets up in minutes and easily tucks away in the closet or under the bed when the fun is over. Take it with you on vacation and turn your hotel into the ultimate bondage playground!Using the door swing is easy:1. Drape metal tubes over the top of the open door.2. Close and lock the door.3. Lower leg straps so that your lover can slide their thighs through the lower loops.4. Allow your lover to slide their arms through the upper loops, have them hold onto the handles for extra safety. Adjust the straps to a comfortable height.5. Have fun!Includes:Fully Adjustable Door Swing With Padded Seat(2) Metal Door Jamb Tubes(2) Acrylic Leverage Handles Free Satin Love Mask  You and your partner will love this furniture for sex. Have fun!!

Price: 46.20
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Nov 072012

Ff Yoga Sex Swing Black

Yoga Sex Swing (Black) Swing into difficult sexual positions you never imagined with the world`s first ever Yoga Sex Swing. With the aid of the Yoga Sex Swing, you can defy the laws of gravity and enjoy sexual positions you never thought were possible, without special strength, balance or agility. The versatile swing allows you to move into a range of yoga positions both in the horizontal and vertical planes, strengthening and stretching virtually every muscle in the body required for amazing sex.The swing is easy to assemble and installs in minutes in your ceiling, using only a few common tools. The soft, plush nylon fabric feels great against your skin and holds up to 300 lbs. The padded foam handles provide extra comfort and added support, while the heavy-duty iron frame holds everything together with this furniture for sex!

Price: 165.00
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Oct 172012

Perfect Position Try Angle

Versatile hi-impact foam sex cushion supports countless configurations! Perfect for couples ready to take intimacy to the next level. Safe, durable, and washable. Includes full-color instructional guide with this sex furniture.

Price: 108.90
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Sep 132012

Ff Inflatable Bondage Ball

Indulge in your wildest fantasies with the Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Bondage Ball. The rounded, flocked design allows you to relax in any position without sliding off. The Inflatable Bondage Ball has an air seal valve which makes inflating a snap. After the fun is over, squeeze the valve to release the air and tuck it away. The Tilt Master is discreet enough to use at home or for those romantic getaways. Do it all with great ease… no matter what position you're in! The E-Z Grip Luv Handles� are perfect for maintaining any position without losing your rhythm. Every couples bedroom should have a little furniture for sex on that very special occasion.

Price: 30.53
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Aug 202012

Ff Ultra Inflatable Position Master

Indulge in your wildest fantasies with this Inflatable Position Master. The slanted, flocked design allows you to relax in any position without sliding off, while the EZ-Grip love handles are perfect for maintaining difficult positions without losing your rhythm. The air seal valve makes inflating the wedge a snap, and when the fun is over, simply deflate the Position Master and it's ready to go where you go. It's perfect for those romantic getaways and no one will know whats in your bag! Do it all with greater ease…no matter what position you're in! And lubricant doesn't even show up on the surface making it easy to clean, too! Holds up to 300 lbs. Inflatable dimensions are 14" tall tapering down to 7" tall, 31 1/2" long, end to end, and 24" wide. Furniture for sex can allow for sexual positions that you have never achieved until now!

Price: 54.45
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Jul 112012

Door Jam Sex Sling

Strong, comfortable construction. Easily adjustable. This sex furniture Includes foot support straps and handles for ultimate leverage.

Price: 49.50
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Jun 262012

Ff Vibrating Mini Sex Ball

Blow it up, sit on it, and enjoy the wild ride on this furniture for sex! The Vibrating Mini Sex Ball is no ordinary vibrator…it's an inflatable cushion made for pushin' that lets you control the fun. Choose a setting on the multi-speed dial and enjoy the powerful vibrations delivered by the firm vibrating dong. The Sex Ball is covered in soft flocked vinyl, and the two handles allow you to get closer and deeper than ever before. Best of all, the inflatable Sex Ball is made to play hard–it holds up to 300 lbs and won't let you down when the action heats up. Experience the thrills and explore your deepest fetish fantasies!

Price: 31.35
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May 232012

Ff Inflatable Hot Seat Pink

Take the ride of your life with the Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Hot Seat. Anchored in the middle of the cushion is a firm jelly multi-speed dong that`s always ready for action. The air-seal valve makes inflating that Hot Seat a snap – just add air and you`re off. Place the Hot Seat on a level surface, select your desired vibration speed and savor every stroke. Designed for those long hard rides, the cushion`s soft seat and sturdy handles make the journey even more enjoyable. After the fun is over, squeeze the valve to release the air and tuck your Hot Seat away. For once, being in the hot seat never felt so GOOD! This sex furniture holds up to 300 lbs.

Price: 36.30
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May 102012

Power Pole

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Power Pole

The ultimate exercise and dance pole. You can also call it furniture for sex if you get creative. Easy to assemble and completely portable. Fully adjustable from 7`4 (2.2m) to 9`2 (2.7m). Rubber non-slip pads for maximum stability and protection of floor and ceiling. For use on hardwood floor or carpet. Made of heavy duty durable steel. Installation instructions also included.

Price: 123.75
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